Lebanon Nephrology and Endocrinology Associates specialize in the diagnosis and care of conditions related to kidneys, hormones and metabolism.

Our board certified nephrologists, Sergei Joffy, MD, Adeel Siddiqui, MD and Najin Lee, MD provide comprehensive care in the management of kidney related conditions such as chronic renal disease, hypertension and electrolyte abnormalities.  We also provide care to patients on dialysis as well as those who have had kidney transplants.

Our board certified endocrinologist, Ronnie Mohammed, MD specializes in conditions related to hormones and metabolism-such as diabetes and thyroid abnormalities.

In addition to our physicians, Marcia Gray, CRNP has extensive background in both areas and provides comprehensive patient education on topics such as diabetes and chronic renal disease.

If you would like to be seen by one of our providers, please contact your primary care physician and request a referral.  We can routinely accommodate new patient appointments within 1-2 weeks.